How to Sharpen Your Skills With Laser Shotgun Training Device

During bleak winter days as the temperature drops close to zero, so will drop my interest to get out and break clays.

I pay for it when spring comes. Shotgun mount feels slightly rusty then.

However, this past winter was different. I got my hands on what’s being called as the Ultimate Practice Shooting System from Robert Louis Co.

It allows you to practice and perfect your gun swing for different target types and methods of shooting.

Laser training devices are good choices for non-live-fire training:

  • Laser training method allow you to stage exercises that simulate specific situations.
  • They’re great for new shooters, training security basics before practicing a live firearm.
  • Matched with regular live-fire training, laser devices can have a big influence on shooters.


This training unit includes a couple of different components.

There’s a LaserPro box which projects a red laser dot onto a wall. That’s your goal. Knobs control the direction, speed, and distance traveled by the scattering. Then there’s a switch to have the unit “throw” two dots that trail one another to mimic a set.

The box could be mounted on an oscillating base in order to add arc to the targets as well.

You will find gauge-specific inserts, therefore it may be used with 12s, 20s, 28s, and .410s.

The insert includes a wire that connects to a metal band that goes on the trigger finger. When that ring touches the shotgun trigger -supposing its metal – it completes a circuit. It turns on the laser in the muzzle, projecting a green dot in which the muzzle is pointed.

By looking at the goal and working in your own mount and swing, then you can observe the way your shotgun’s muzzle motion and leadership lineup relative to the target.

I made a point of working together with the unit a couple of times weekly during the off-season.

After I got to the skeet field again, I could see it had retained my strategy sharp.

The machine comes with a second insert also, so two shooters can go head-to-head though that’s more for pleasure than for enhancing technique.

Having a disciplined method of utilizing the machine, though, a shotgunner can iron out kinks in their form and avoid a shotgun slump when getting to the range is not possible.

With the device in the muzzle of your shotgun, you can practice:

  • your mount,
  • lead,
  • swing,
  • fire and
  • follow through repeatedly.

This training method provides the constant repetition needed to perfect your shooting skills.