Welcome to my blog


I’m Jane. Welcome to my healthy living lifestyle blog. I am a lover of all things fitness, and I am, of course, a runner.

I’ve come a long way since being that overweight kid as a youngster. I’m not fast at all, but I’m hooked.

I am passionate about healthy living because I saw first hand how starting to run and eat better changed my life.
If you are trying to improve your health like me, I’d like to invite you on my journey.

Why did I start this blog? If you do what most other people do, you will be unhealthy. The solution? Better knowledge, and start moving. I’m going to do my best to get into the best shape of my life, find the purpose to life, and achieve success on my terms. So the goal of this blog is to share my passion for a healthy lifestyle and to encourage you in your own goals. Writing is a vent for me, alike to running.

Ever wondered, how much exercise should the average adult have every day?