5 Reasons I Work Out At Home

The hardest part of working out for me is getting to the gym – and then dealing with the crowds out there.

Now, you won’t see me dead in a fitness center soon. But you will see me working out from home. 

We have a treadmill and an elliptical in our garage, and those are my two favorite workout machines. Plus, there are many other ways to work out at home.

Benefits of Work Out at Home

The time might come when we move, and I’ll be forced into a gym to get my workouts in. I’m dreading that, though.

Why you wonder? I have many reasons.

  1. Falling – Sometimes, I almost trip on the treadmill, and have to catch myself before I face-plant. When no one is around, it doesn’t matter. But if I were in a gym, I’d be so ashamed. And I don’t like it if I have to find my fallen phone between other people’s legs.
  2. Sweat – Yes, I sweat a lot, and it’s not just in one place. My whole body, including my face, is entirely soaked. Well, it looks like I just stepped out of a rainstorm. And this rainstorm leaves my face very, very red. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.
  3. Time Savings – When I’m at home, I get to sweat it out with a timetable that’s suitable for me. I can do a 10-minute workout quickly in the morning. According to recent research, short exercises also help.
  4. No headphones – I jam to everything from pop, classic rock, techno, and lots of 90’s music. I want to keep the music loud, and I like to sing along when I’m training. And I need not to use headphones!
  5. Cost – I don’t have a fitness center close to me that are reasonably priced. I will not drive over 20 minutes to get there and pay more than $600 a year, that isn’t reasonable right now.

Now I know that I’m in the minority with where I work out. But for now, I will live it up and enjoy the fact that I can work out in the convenience of my home.

Even if there was a gym close to me that wasn’t too expensive, I love being able to work out this way.

When I’m at home, I just put on my workout gear and my gym shoes. Then I’m ready to go. I don’t even need to fill up my water bottle. Going to the gym means packing a gym bag, getting ready there, and locking things away. I could have finished a workout at that point.

Would an expensive gym membership motivate you to head to the gym more often?

Sometimes by knowing that you have spent money on something, it will motivate you to use it. So, is it a good idea to get a gym membership if you’re not motivated? Yes, it could help. 

There are other points too.

At the fitness center, you can find a variety for your exercises, and you could do yoga or tai chi or something similar. You could find friends there.

Does money motivate you enough?

According to statistics, money won’t motivate us to exercise enough. We overestimate our gym visits and our commitment to membership.

It’s not a good idea to get a gym membership unless you’re using most of their facilities. 

You can do everything you need to do at home, if you wish. 

Think if you’re not motivated to exercise in your house, what about going to the gym? You need to get dressed, drive to the gym, find some free equipment, and you need to know how to use it and use it frequently. 

If you’re already questioning your motivation, then gym membership is not the answer. Motivation has to come elsewhere.

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